Creating your web video

So you're thinking about getting a video?

Well, if this is your first time, the prospect may be slightly daunting! Don't worry though, we have broken the process down for you step by step so you'll know exactly how it happens and what to expect next.

  • I want a video
  • Agree on the budget
  • Send us a script (or we can write you one!)
  • Discuss how it's going to look
  • When everyone is happy we can start work on it
  • We will send you snippets of its production so you are kept in the loop
  • When the film is finished we will send you a final draft to look over
  • When you're happy we will upload it to our servers and send you an embedding code
  • You embed the code on your website
  • Now its ready for everyone to see

Uploading to our servers

By uploading your video onto our servers your video benefits from super fast buffering times and your website isn't burdened by its size and its stress on the bandwidth.

Moving forward

We like to operate on a forward moving basis. By this we mean breaking the process down into three stages.

After each stage we come back to you for confirmation so we are always moving forward and never taking steps back.